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Monday, January 17, 2011

Why I Like Cardigans

1. Cardigans are simple and easy to wear.

I find cardigans simple and easy to wear. 

I am currently a full-time student and I work part-time, and my field of career requires me to dress professionally, but not too femininely. (no girly frills, overdone bows, skintight skirts, etc) Since I am always on the go and I get too hot or too cold easily, cardigans offer me a perfect option in putting an easy outfit together that does not require too much time or attention. It also gives a safe, proper look without looking overdone or under-dressed.

To create a casual everyday look, I slip on a pair of jeans, a tank top, and a cardigan. Depending on the season and an occasion, jeans can be replaced by jeggings (I like the ones from UNIQLO) or pencil skirts; tank tops with T-shirts and dress shirts.

This should give you an idea of "my 5 minute look."
Beware, however, for I am not Blake Lively!
(FYI, she is tall, over-the-top beautiful, and toned)
credit to associatedcontent.com

2. Cardigans are functional.

Add star func·tion·al·i·ty Noun   /ˌfəNGkSHəˈnalətē/
  • functionalities plural
  • The quality of being suited to serve a purpose well; practicality
    • I like the feel and functionality of this bakeware
  • The purpose that something is designed or expected to fulfill
    • manufacturing processes may be affected by the functionality of the product
  • The range of operations that can be run on a computer or other electronic system
    • new software with additional functionality

Cardigans are functional because they fulfill their original purpose of keeping people warm and cozy. Since they have buttons, it is also easy to put them on or take them off anywhere and everywhere without having to run to somewhere private. They also offer more than warmth for most of the cardigans are classic and stylish. 

3. Cardigans are feminine.

What do I mean by cardigans being feminine? A picture is better than thousand words. Let's compare sweatshirts and cardigans:

credit to comparestoreprices.co.uk
credit to ministryoffashion.com


credit to howtobetrendy.com
Cardigans are feminine since it accentuates women's figure better than sweatshirts. For example, necklines are more curvy and defined in cardigans than in sweatshirts. Materials used on the cardigans such as jems and bottons are also more feminine than zippers in sweatshirts. Fabrics used in cardigans are thinner, softer and shinier than those for sweatshirts. Cardigans generally also have waste lines that flatter women's curves. Cardigans are also dressier than sweatshirts since cardigans have different patterns, prints, textile work, frills, lines, folds, embellishments, accessories and others that add feminine characteristics.

4. Cardigans are versatile.

I have too much idea when it comes to creating different looks wearing the same cardigan. This is a subject for another day, in another post.

5. Cardigans are affordable.

Cardigans are affordable for many reasons. Cardigans are available in almost all brands in all price ranges. While some of my memorable cardigans are priced from $3 to several hundred, I want to first talk about a definition of "affordability" in spending.

There are different ways for things to be affordable. First, you may be a person who could just afford a lot of things because you generally have no financial constraints. But you could also be a person who has a budget and who needs to carefully set aside a portion of money to be spent with a precise purpose. You could also be a person who is under a tight budget and whose every penny counts. My least liked scenario is you are a person who can afford things although you are not supposed to. (having credit card debt belongs here) 

Regardless of what your financial status is, affording a cardigan shouldn't cost your fortune.

The cheapest cardigan I ever bought was a cotton cardigan in teal with awkwardly hanging buttons, with $2.35 price tag from GoodWill. I fixed the buttons and wore it throughout my sophomore year in college until I eventually donated it back to the GoodWill. (I hope the next person can buy it for $0.99!) 

Meanwhile, one of my favorite cardigans come from BCBG MAXAZRIA that was on huge sale. It's a very classic piece made from half silk and half cashmere with the original price of two hundred something. I think I bought it around fourty, and I've worn it more than a hundred times now. In this sense, buying a $40 cardigan to wear it for several years a wiser investment than buying a thrift store cardigan that will only be worn a couple of times.  

6. Cardigans are portable. They are light-weight, small in volume, and mostly wrinkle-proof. 

I carry cardigans in my book tote in four folds. I wear it when the school or the office is overly air-conditioned, when I feel conscious about my belly after lunch, or when I want to cover my legs during a lecture. It's great.


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