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Monday, January 17, 2011

Women's Cardigan Types - More Open Designs

 Open Cardigan Types - Open Basic, Drape, Wrap & Shawl 

Open Basic

credit to forever21.com

Above are the examples of the basic open-style cardigans. While they have common in being open cardigans, their neckline and hem line cuts give the two cardigans a starkly different look.

Draped Type

 credit to bloomingdales.com and neckdress.com 

Draped cardigans are open type cardigans of which its neckline or hem line drapes. Worn with simple and minimal inners, draped cardigans makes a stylish contrast. Thicker the fabric of a draped cardigan is, more cozy and casual it will look.

Wrap / Shawl Type

 credit to thisnext.com and pregnancyfashion.sheknows.com

Wrap / Shawl Type cardigans are somewhat similar to draped cardigans except that their drapes are much longer and wider that you could wrap the cardigan around the body just as you would with a shawl. Wrap / Shawl type cardigans also give you a room to experiment for you can wrap them in different ways to create multiple looks with just one cardigan.


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  2. I am trying to find that exact cardigan (wrap/shaw) type in purple. Do you have a link that I can go to?

    1. Hi Nikki! Try: http://www.lymeofsouthernpines.com/collections/sweaters
      I see a purple wrap/shawl cardigan being sold for $147.
      Happy cardigan shopping!

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