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Monday, January 17, 2011

How to Buy Cardigans

credit to askjoeygarr.com
1. Clear out your wardrobe first.

This is a key pre-shopping step to know what kind of cardigans will go the most and the best with what you already own. If you are going to have a seasonal or annual wardrobe cleaning session, make three boxes to classify what is "storage," "donation," and "garbage." 

My tip is that if you have something you didn't wear for the last two years, then you are likely not going to wear them in the next two years. Make a fun, friendly gift by giving it away to your friends and families who may need it.

2. Know your body shape.

One of the fashion TV shows I found practical and helpful was Tim Gun's Guide To Style. To know what type of clothes flatter a client the best, Tim Gun uses a 3D body scanner. The lesson here: what fits the best looks the best.

Chicfashionista.com offers helpful tips on what to wear depending on your body type. Click each body shape to see how PEAR, RECTANGLE, APPLE, HOURGLASS, AND INVERTED TRIANGLE type can purchase cardigans that will flatter your shape.

3. Invest on the basics, and go cheap on trendy items.

Invest on basic cardigans that work well with what you already own. If you have gone through your closet, you should know what colors and designs you have. If you do not own a single cardigan, I suggest that you start by purchasing a black basic cardigan that will go with most of what you already have.

If you are looking for a second piece, I'd say that a long cardigan will be worth its money. Long cardigans are versatile: it can be dressed up and down, worn with pants, leggings, skirts. My favorite way of wearing a long cardigan is with dresses tied with a cute belt.

Yet, it is important to remember that the more basic a cardigan is, the better quality it should be. This will keep you looking nice and classy even if you go for a "dress down" look. My favorites are half-silk-and-half-cashmere cardigans.

Meanwhile, spend less on trendy cardigans (i.e. cardigan with Nordic prints, leopards, sparkles, stripes, accessories, etc) or don't purchase anything trendy at all if you like to keep things safe and subtle. Personally, I would never invest my money on buying horns or studs--it's just not my style and I envy who can pull it off really well.

4. If you don't like shopping for long or at all, make use of the return policy.

If you are pressed with time, unsure, tired, if you dislike crowded places or shopping in general, try buying whatever stands out to you and go home. Once you get home, rest a bit, drink a cup of tea, snack a bit, light a candle, (whatever works to make you relax) and slowly try on what you bought with what you have. This gives you comforting and private fitting room experiences. Just make sure to keep your integrity, check the return policy and honor it!

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